"Right(s) to the Heart" is a non profitorganisation which is neither political or religious in nature. It aims to promote human values through peace, solidarity and nonviolence. It was started in 2005 as a project of Energy for Human Rights and thanks to its growth over the years,  has become completely independent and financially self sustaining.

The organisation is made up of people of different cultures, religions, languages and beliefs who have come together to make a change. We are acting on and supporting projects which will better the hygienic conditions in health care,  society and economics in developing countries. We work every day to affirm Human Rights and to create a web of solidarity made of volunteers who can organise and promote activities in Italy and Senegal. Self organization and reciprocity are at the base of each and every one of our projects.

Self organisation implies that every project involves the local population and that it's the local community itself which organises and responds to the needs felt by all, being in charge of every aspect of the initiative, while being backed by funding and materials  in Italy. 

By reciprocity, instead, we mean that who has received help, will help others in turn. This can be achieved in various ways, without welfare, to give the population and local community effective growth, development and independence. The principle goal of the association is to create a web of volunteers who aim to improve the conditions of life, health care and education in the communities in which we work. This web begins with a volunteer in Italy and ends in the far away countries where we operate. It's permanent and ever growing because what one person receives, they will pass on to another in a reciprocal exchange.

Among the projects that the association promotes in Senegal are the following: adoption at a distance of children in Camberley (Dakar), and the project "Fatou studies with energy" - scholastic support for nursing and medical students.

In Italy,  weorganise seminars and conferences on themes such as Human Rights, international cooperation, and freedom of information; we hold courses for volunteer preparation; and we put on cultural events and do fund raising.


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